A New Year for New Ears

With every New Year’s celebration we make a firm pact with ourselves to make the coming year one of better habits as it relates to diet and health.  How often have you considered recapturing the sounds that you may be missing due to hearing loss?  This coming year, the Audibel network of hearing professionals is committed more than ever to helping those in need of hearing care experience the fullest benefit of better hearing.  As a part of this effort, we are releasing new products and programs to reach all of those who are suffering from hearing loss or ringing in the ears.

This January, we are excited to announce the release of our Audibel A2 Tinnitus management device.  Nearly 50 million American suffer from a condition called tinnitus, commonly referred to as ringing in the ears, and this product is designed to help provide relief for the persistent ringing that these many individuals cope with on a daily basis.  Look for much more information on this product on our website and network Facebook page on this product.

Also, we are promoting a free program called MyAudibel to all patients wearing Audibel hearing aids, regardless of cost of purchase.  This program offers each patient a personalized website with insights into use and care for their hearing aids as well as access to interactive hearing games.  These hearing games are a form of aural rehabilitation, or physical therapy for your ears. The goal is to not only give all new hearing aid users practice adjusting to their devices, but also to offer a means to relearn how to hear a lot of the speech sounds that may not have been heard for years before purchasing hearing aids.   To learn more about MyAudibel watch this video demonstration here .

The Audibel network of hearing professionals is committed to making 2013 a year in which no one suffering from tinnitus or struggling with hearing loss goes without help.   If you or someone you know is in need of a hearing professional for a free hearing screening, simply visit our professional locator page at this link.

Happy New Year!

A Patient Gives Thanks, As Do We

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for those who have shared their successes of better hearing to inspire us and, more importnatly, inspire others in need of hearing care guidanceThese stories help us all reach those who may struggle in everyday situations, like Janie describes below, take the action to get the hearing care they deserve.  As a provider of advanced hearing aid technology and a partner network of hearing professsionals, our purpose is to provide individuals with better hearing. These success stories make all the difference to the employees of Audibel and the partnering network hearing professionals.

We had another inspiring moment occur at the start of this Thanksgiving week.  While reaching out to a patient who previously sent us a heartfelt testimonial this summer about the difference her hearing aids have made in her job at a call center, we again received some gracious words of praise.  As you can see from the Facebook discussion below, in our request to get permission to use her story as a testimonial, we were humbled further by her gracious comments. Below is Janie’s captivating story:

Subject: Audibel.com (Consumer) – Contact Us (CUS-16784) — Janie Grieder

Janie Grieder

I am not someone who gives testimonials about products but am compelled to offer one about your hearing aids, my local professional, his office staff, and the difference being able to hear clearly has made in my life. I worked at a call center here in Panama City and considered myself a fairly social person but found myself avoiding people and transfering calls that I should have been able to handle due to a hearing loss that I was too ashamed to admit that I had. The “family” at the local Audibel dealer here in Panama City made me realize that my hearing loss was not something to be ashamed of and was something that they could resolve. The hearing aids, advise, patience, and care that I received have changed my life. I no longer avoid people because I am now able to hear them clearly and I am able to tackle any incoming call with comfort and complete understanding. The ability to hear clearly is so very important and I know what a difference it can make in the way you live your life.  You all have blessed me with the gift of hearing and I give thanks to you all each and every time I proudly wear them.

Welcome to American. Hearing. Excellence.

Audibel is All About Better Hearing.

From the superior level of care offered at our nation-wide network of hearing professionals to the development of advanced hearing aid technology, every patient’s unique needs are at the core of what we do. Our mantra, American. Hearing. Excellence. is a value statement with a promise to those in need of hearing care to receive unparralelled care and service at every location.

Through this blog we aim to share information that helps those seeking out hearing care to gain insights around what type of care they should expect and how today’s hearing aid technology can help re-connect them with the sounds they may be missing.  Additionally, the many innovations in patient care programs and product technology will be displayed to give confidence in the level of quality they can expect at any of Audibel’s nation-wide hearing care practices.