A Racer’s Redemption Story from Better Hearing

Tom G. CarWe all love a great story of redemption, but have you ever heard of a comeback story attributed to better hearing from hearing technology? For 61-year old Kurt Guillot, a patient at Audibel Hearing Center in Northern Florida, his Audibel hearing aids allowed him to return to the driver’s seat after almost twenty years away from the circuit! Now a contending racer in the Gulf Coast Racing Series, Kurt races against many that are forty years or more younger than him.

A natural racing competitor, Kurt started racing at the early age of eight by racing go-karts and then motorcycles. Beginning in 1972, he entered the racing circuit at twenty-four years old where he competed for eighteen years before his hearing loss struggles eventually caused him to stop at forty-two years old. Being a common ailment of racing, Kurt wasn’t aware of the degree of his hearing loss until he visited his nephew, Tom Guillot, owner of Audibel Hearing Center.

With help from Audibel Hearing Center Kurt completed a hearing evaluation and received a new pair of in-the-ear devices that allow him to hear his pit crew as he speeds down the track at 140 mph. As shown in the photos, his car is emblazoned with the logos of the business that helped improve his hearing. While Kurt is racing, Tom actively educates racing fans about the severity of the sound levels at the track. Race tracks can get upwards of 140 db, which is significantly higher than safe levels of 85 db, potentially causing damage to hearing in just fifteen minutes. To keep fans safe from overexposure to the loud noise levels, Tom gives away free earplugs so they can enjoy the race with minimal damage to their hearing.


Kurt and Tom’s partnership is growing with every new race and should be elevated even further when Kurt competes in the Snowball Derby, the premier short track racing event of the year, in Tom’s hometown of Pensacola this winter. Also, they have created a short commercial, view it here, to help spread the message about the benefits of Audibel hearing aid technology and show Kurt in action flying around the track with ease. They both hope the renewed racing success Kurt is encountering will help both many racing fans use hearing protection at the track as well as inspire others with hearing loss struggles take the first step towards better hearing with Audibel in their area.

What Better Hearing Month Means for You

Today we are excited to kick off the start of Better Hearing Month during May! Though, this year, we want to take a bhm_poster_2012different approach than year’s past by spotlighting many of the unique better hearing success stories we have encountered.  These testimonials will highlight the many ways that better hearing through hearing aids can truly help improve one’s quality of life.  We understand that everyone has a different lifestyle, so we hope this year’s Better Hearing Month offers the opportunity to learn how addressing any hearing loss difficulties can improve lives.

Throughout the month you will read about these many interesting individual’s who have gained real benefits from hearing care. Janie will share her story about working as a call center employee and the vital importance  of having hearing aids to fully perform in her job duties.  Gwen realized the benefit of her hearing aids while on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Venice with her Granddaughter.  We will also feature others who cherish their renewed relationships with family members and have rediscovered nature.

We encourage and invite you to participate throughout the Month in our Facebook and Twitter campaigns and share your own better hearing story in those spaces or by commenting below.  For many, the value of better hearing isn’t realized until an important moment happens where you wished you had it.  We encourage anyone considering addressing their hearing loss or interested in hearing aids to start their journey to better hearing this May.