Summer Hearing Aid Care

Summer means sun, warmth and days spent outside! But for those with hearing loss, summer can be particularly difficult.

Hearing aids can be easily damaged when exposed to heat and moisture. In the summer, sweat and water are the two biggest enemies of hearing aids. Sharp temperature changes can cause condensation; hot temperatures cause humidity and an increased propensity to sweat. All of these are damaging to your hearing aids and may prevent them from working properly.FAN2045912

Negative results could include: distorted or weak sound quality, reduced battery life and inconsistent functionality.

Audibel hearing aids now use HydraShield®2, a cutting edge nano-coating developed from a lotus plant to keep moisture out. HydraShield®2 mimics the lotus and keeps moisture and debris (sweat, wax and dust) out of the seams of the hearing aid case and the microphone ports.

But what if your hearing aids don’t have HydraShield®2? Here are some ways to keep your hearing aids safe and functional this summer.

  1.  Remove your hearing aids when exercising outside if it is raining or extremely warm.
  2. At night, leave the battery door open to allow dry, fresh air to move through the hearing aid and relieve any moisture.
  3. Keep you hearing aids in a protective case and out of direct sunlight if you are not wearing them.
  4. Do not store hearing aids in glove boxes, dashboards, or other environments where heat and humidity can build up.
  5. Remove your hearing aids before showering, swimming or any activity in which you will be exposed to water.
  6. Sunscreen has oils that can damage hearing aids, so remove your hearing aids before applying lotions or sprays. Additionally, ensure the sunscreen is dry before putting your hearing aids back on.

Summer can be trying at times, so feel free to reach out to us with questions and recommendations.