Help Us Celebrate 15 Great Years!

This month we are excited to be celebrating our 15th Anniversary! This milestone Audibel 15th Anniv logomarks more than just the accomplishment being measured in number of years. Rather, we will spend time to reflect upon the number of patients that our nation-wide network of hearing professionals have served. Also, we celebrate our ability to stay steadfast in practicing our core values in patient care.

From day 1 Audibel was formed around the idea of providing the best patient outcomes, regardless of type of product purchased or newness to the practice. In fact, our tight network of professional peers share an understanding to help any Audibel patient at any office. This means that if you or a loved one purchase a hearing aid in one city and end up needing help in another, that local Audibel provider will happily take care of you.

Over the last 15 years Audibel’s coverage across the country has multiplied many times over to now having several hundred locations in the U.S. with also partners internationally in countries such as Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom. The family values that are shared within Audibel have a contagious effect that causes more patients to bring their friends and family in for care as well as more hearing professionals wanting to partner with Audibel.

As you can tell, we are excited about this 15-year milestone for both what we have accomplished in helping thousands over that time frame as well as the expanding opportunity to continue on with those efforts. If you or a loved one haven’t been to an Audibel office yet for a free consultation and may be in need don’t hesitate any longer. Simply visit our website to find the nearest Audibel location to you.

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