You’re Never Too Cool for Hearing Care

NASCAR legend Richard PettyFor far too long there has been a misconception about hearing loss as being an impairment and also a stigma around the use of hearing aid technology as being a sign of old age. While these sentiments may still exist to some degree today, there is a rising change with this mentality as more people are realizing the benefits of better hearing. Even current and former rock stars are making it known that they are benefactors from better hearing through hearing aid technology. In this blog we will share some of their success stories and how they are similar to the 48 million other Americans with hearing loss.

As you can see in the image above, both classic rock icon Leon Russell and NASCAR racing legend Richard Petty have sought hearing care from their local Audibel hearing care provider. While these two celebrities are unique to Audibel, they are not alone as celebrities with hearing loss. In this 2014 AARP article, Celebrities with Hearing Loss, there are many notable names that appear on the list of those with hearing loss, spanning all ages. Famous actors such as Rob Lowe, Robert Redford, Halle Berry are just a few of those on the list that have encountered hearing loss in their lives as well advocates for hearing loss treatment. While some celebrities with hearing loss, such as rock musicians and racers, may not be too surprising considering the noise exposure, the fact that they have actively sought treatment and shared their successes with others is share-worthy.

Hearing loss is a normal part of the aging process and a common result of overexposure to loud noises that can impact anyone. Whether you are famous or not, there never is a reason to shy away from seeking hearing care. At Audibel, you’re never too cool for hearing care and, in fact, being able to hear better in conversations may be considered ‘cooler’ than not. To take your first step towards better hearing or help a loved one, simply visit our hearing professional locator to find the nearest Audibel location to you today!