A Look Behind the Curtain: The Hearing Consultation


It is estimated by the Better Hearing Institute that over 35 million Americans willingly chose to suffer from untreated hearing loss in their daily lives. For some, the degree of hearing loss may be more impacting than others, but every person could benefit from a simple hearing consultation appointment. One reason more people don’t take advantage of our offer for a free hearing check is apprehensions for what takes place during this appointment. In this blog we will help to explain that process and remove any concerns for making an appointment.

The first item that occurs at a hearing consultation is an introduction to the hearing specialist and brief discussion around your hearing loss symptoms and needs for hearing improvement as it relates to your lifestyle. This will help the specialist understand specifically which type of situations you are not hearing as well as you should in. Then a hearing evaluation or screening will commence to identify the extent of any hearing loss that may exist. The results are shared with you by the hearing professional to discuss how any hearing loss may be impacting your hearing abilities as well as possible recommendations for a hearing solution.

If a hearing loss solution is recommended to you, this oftentimes is for hearing aid technology to which the opportunity will be presented to try using hearing technology while in office. This is a completely voluntary step in the appointment process but many patients who are struggling with hearing loss have found it compelling to listen to the difference that hearing aid technology can make in their hearing. Should you decide to purchase any hearing aids a no-obligation trial period is included with the purchase.

As you can see, the hearing consultation is a simple and unintimidating process that is geared towards helping you identify if any hearing loss exists and determine the best course of action to help improve your hearing, if needed. Our nation-wide network of hearing professionals are all happy to help you or a loved one with an appointment. To get started, simply click on this link to find a provider near you by entering your zip code.

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