The Power of the Green Carpet


We’re all familiar with the ‘red carpet treatment’ effect, but what about the ‘green carpet treatment’? At many of our nationwide network partners you may find that the traditional welcome mat has been replaced with the plush Audibel green carpet. This unique carpet serves as a reminder and symbol for visitors that they are entering a friendly environment that is dedicated to offering premium care to improve each individual’s hearing and quality of life.

So why is this green carpet so powerful? It’s the promise it represents. As mentioned above it starts with the promise of dedication to improving quality of life through better hearing. This promise goes far beyond that core mission. We make sure that no matter which Audibel office you visit in the country, you receive the same guarantees, product support and service level. Also, for those that visit one office for all of their needs it represents each new visit will exceed expectations from patient care and service to products. The green carpet is something that we hold in high esteem as a first impression point for each new visitor.

Next time you are at an Audibel office make sure to look down and smile, knowing you are in the right place. Never been to an Audibel hearing center? It’s never too late to get started on your journey to better hearing with us. Simply reach out to schedule your free hearing consultation by locating a professional near you on our professional locator.