When the Time is Right, We are Here

shutterstock_110240975Accepting change is often said to be one of the hardest things to do. In fact, it has been found that there are many difficult stages in this process, such as anger, denial and, ultimately, acceptance. Taking action to seek hearing care definitely constitutes as undertaking a major change that many individuals deliberate upon, typically for 5-7 years! Just like changing any habit or situation for the better, it takes the proper mental commitment for success to be achieved. At Audibel, our nation-wide network of hearing care providers fully understand that when it comes to patient success with hearing aid technology, it’s all about timing.

Each holiday season, millions of Americans struggle with hearing loss at social gatherings around Thanksgiving, religious holidays and New Year’s Eve. For some, there is embarrassment and frustration. For others, their family and friends are more burdened with the challenge of communicating to their loved one with hearing loss. Since such awareness for hearing difficulties tends to reach it’s height this time of year, hearing professionals actively send out communications for complimentary hearing consultations to encourage those in need of hearing care assistance to take action. For those who do take advantage of this complimentary appointment, not all who are recommended a hearing aid technology choose to act right away, which is completely fine.




Recently our providers in Lincoln, NE, Nebraska Hearing Center, encountered this exact scenario with a new patient who received their first hearing consultation. As you can read in the patient’s email to the practice above, he was more than appreciative for the flexibility to take action when he felt ready to do so. This very interaction embodies the approach we believe provides the greatest potential hearing outcomes for each patient. Every Audibel hearing professional views their relationship with each patient as a partnership in the journey to better hearing. This partnership requires dedication from both parties to gain optimal hearing benefits and it is in the patients best interest to take action when fully committed.

If you, or a loved one, are noticing the signs of hearing loss, we encourage you to act upon the complimentary hearing consultation offered at any of our nation-wide locations to start the process. From there, it’s your decision on when to seek further treatment and we respect that choice. When you are ready to start your journey to better hearing, we are here to help make that process as simple as possible.

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