Best Sellers, Classics and More: Are you Ready for Summer Listening?

What’s better than diving into a good story on a calm Summer day? How about taking that book with you on your favorite media player or your smart phone? Even better yet, what if that book was narrated so you could listen to each chapter directly through your hearing aids, audible_audibel_posts_AudibelLogo_revanywhere you go? Well, we are excited to share that these are all realities that can be enjoyed today with the features of many Audibel hearing aids!

A large number of book enthusiasts are shifting from reading their favorite titles to now listening to them as a part of‘s audiobooks., the leading audiobook provider, offers over 150,000 unique titles that can be downloaded to any mobile device or desktop computer for listen-as-you-go enjoyment. What many audiobook lovers and hearing aid wearers haven’t been aware of yet is that the two products are not only compatible together but can offer an enhanced listening experience for a greater story enjoyment.

audible_audibel_posts_AudibelLogo2Several styles of Audibel hearing aids wirelessly stream sound from audiobooks, music, phone calls, television and much more directly to the hearing aids. Typically this requires our innovative device called Surflink Mobile, view it in action here, for the on-the-go audio streaming user. However, the recent release of the Audibel A3i™ hearing aids allow for direct audio streaming to those hearing aids from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch® via the Trulink™ Hearing Control app. See how this new technology works in this short video.

To celebrate, is providing a $10 voucher to anyone that is receiving their first hearing screening at any of the hundreds of Audibel hearing practice locations across the country. What better reason to take the first step towards better hearing, for yourself or a  loved one, than to get a bonus reward of $10 towards any of’s thousands of fantastic audiobook titles to enjoy this summer? As you see in the image to the right, simply FreeAudiobook_FacebookAd_V2_rev2contact your local Audibel hearing care professional for a hearing screening and they will email you a redemption code to use toward an audiobook after the appointment. What if you are already wearing Audibel hearing aids or have just had a hearing screening performed? You can still take advantage by registering and utilizing the website. For those playing the hearing games contained within MyAudibel, we are offering rewards to those achieving high scores each month. Now you can have fun playing the games and earn a voucher for audiobooks!

We are very excited to help Audibel hearing aid wearers get the most out of their audiobooks this summer and throughout the year. With the new technology, the opportunities to easily listen to your favorite titles, anywhere, continues to get better. Get started by contacting your local Audibel hearing professional today and then go to and start choosing the titles you will want to download. Just think, what adventures will you embark on or mysteries will you help solve in your summer audiobook listening?


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