A Man on A Mission

globe trotter

Peru, Philippines, Dominican Republic, New York City, and Israel- all in the last 6 months! Yes, Audibel Partner Michael Wheeler is truly a man on a mission. Even more impressive is that these trips were all focused around providing hearing aids to those normally unable to get the hearing care they need. This mission is better described as a passion. A passion  for giving the gift of better hearing across the U.S. and around the world.

In his many recent trips, zig-zagging the globe, Michael Wheeler, owner of Audibel Hearing Centers in Florida and North Carolina, has spent over a month, in total number of days in this 6-month time span, solely fitting hearing aids to help those in need. Each day fitting hearing aids is filled with hundreds of new recipients,  helped by the Michael and the Hearing Foundation team from sunrise to well past sundown. For many, these long journeys and long days of ‘work’ would be too grueling to keep pace with. Yet, for Michael, his passion for giving keeps driving him to partake in more and more hearing aid mission trips, both domestically and internationally.

These recent trips  are only a small portion of Wheeler’s involvement in hearing aid mission work. Over the last couple of decades, he has participated wheeler fdn2in numerous trips each year and, unknowingly, has continued to add to his already immense number of people helped. Additionally, he has been able to include his daughter Juliet with him for many of these mission trips in the last few years, allowing her to experience the joy he derives from making a difference for others. This is one virtue that Michael wants to pass on to those closest to him as to both help in his efforts and share in his passion.

It is often said that “to give is better than to receive” and this couldn’t be better exemplifies than by the efforts of Michael Wheeler. His fellow Audibel network Partners commend his many efforts and are proud of his exceptional representation for the passion for helping others hear that embodies the Audibel spirit.

wheeler-mission-webMichael, we wish you many more safe travels and will be following your hearing aid mission adventures with great pride!

2 thoughts on “A Man on A Mission

  1. Roy Costello

    I am trying to find a way to tell Michael Wheeler my experience with my Audibel Hearing Aids (Starkey) I am having issues.

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