Audibel’s Hearing Angel Program


Share the Gift of Better Hearing with Yourself & Others in Need

Did you know a portion of every Audibel hearing aid purchase goes towards helping others in need to receive hearing aids? When you or a loved one purchase new Audibel hearing aids at many of our mission photolocations across the county, you help to give that same gift to someone less fortunate around the world.  In our continued support of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and their  hearing aid mission work, Audibel has adopted the Hearing Angel program. This program allows everyone to be a part of a collective effort to show meaning and value through hearing aid donations to others who are normally not able to receive hearing health care.

Providing better hearing is truly an opportunity to connect people to each other and allow them to share experiences.  By not only helping Audibel patients get the hearing care they deserve, but also letting that person help someone else, we feel we are connecting every individual through the gift of better hearing. We are proud supporters across the country of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Hearing Angel program.

Today is a great day to better the hearing capabilities of yourself or a loved one, as well as help give hearing to someone in need at the same time.  The Starkey Hearing Foundation donates more than 100,000 hearing aids each year to those in need – both across the U.S. and around the world. To learn more visit our webpage: