Better Hearing Takes More than Luck

shamrockFor many, the decision to begin using hearing aids is both an exciting and nerving one.  After noticing the signs and effects of hearing loss, the benefits of pursuing a hearing aid usually becomes very evident.  Yet, when evaluating hearing aids for the first time, the common misperception is that they will fully restore lost hearing abilities.  However, this expectation is not always met.  Around this St. Patrick’s Day we wanted to illustrate the steps required in achieving better hearing, rather than just letting first-time users to rely on good luck.

The reason a hearing aid can’t fully restore hearing abilities is actually due to the way in which our brain processes sounds.  When someone has untreated hearing loss for an extensive period of time, the brain eventually forgets how to process and recognize certain syllables or words that may have gone unheard.  While today’s hearing aids are designed to make the amplification of sounds clear and comfortable, even in noisier environments, they do not always help the user with full speech comprehension.  To regain speech comprehension, the brain requires time to adjust to new sounds as well as practice in listening.

Our MyAudibel program offers fun and interactive hearing games that provide a perfect opportunity to practice speech comprehension with hearing aids.  These games are designed to help those who have made the smart investment in hearing aids to get the most of them.  Your hearing is our concern.  We want to be with you at every step in the journey to better hearing to ensure you get the optimal listening benefits.

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