Whisper Sweet Nothings Again This Valentine’s Day

Hearing aids, Valentine's Day
Reconnect to your loved one with better hearing

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person who has it, their hearing loss actually has a large effect on their loved ones as well.  Family members and spouses are often negatively impacted with frustrations from the communication challenges posed by the hearing loss.  In fact, untreated hearing loss is an enormous contributor to tensions and displeasure among middle-aged couples today.  Rather than enjoying their time together, many of these couples spend time arguing through simple conversations and isolating themselves from each other from mere exhaustion of trying to communicate.

One such example was recently shared in an online Huffington Post editorial.  Senior writer, Ann Brenoff, wrote a personal column depicting her own struggles with her husband’s hearing loss.  This article, titled “How My Husband’s Hearing Loss Has Affected Our Social Life” provides commentary on the barriers that have been created between her husband and her due to his hearing loss.  We encourage you to read the article here and if you or a loved one is suffering from untreated hearing loss please let us know and we can help you locate an Audibel professional.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings to your loved one this coming Valentine’s Day.

7 thoughts on “Whisper Sweet Nothings Again This Valentine’s Day

  1. Camille Barr

    Sweet nothings??? What a dream it would be to hear those whispers!!
    I was fit with audibel hearing instruments two years ago and I still cannot get them adjusted in a satisfactory manner. This problem affects every aspect of my life. I cannot understand whispers, I cannot hear the ends of my pastor’s sentences from the pulpit, and in a movie, I have to remove them because nothing can be heard by me except the rustle of a popcorn bag and exterior noise around me and too-loud volume. These “other” than necessary noises are very disheartening and prevent me from enjoying my life. After at least 25 trips to two different Audibel stores, I still am very unhappy. I believe I was not fit with the model best for me and I can get no satisfaction from anybody, including the national office. I threw away $4800 of my retirement and I am not satisfied. Adjustments are not the answer..another type aide MAY BE the answer and no one will do that for me, therefore I’m stuck with what I have. What would YOU do?????

    1. Hi Camille, we are really sorry to hear of your frustration. We are here to help you. We want to make sure every patient gets the right hearing aid for them and the most out of that product. Sometimes, the damage caused by hearing loss only permits so much hearing capabilities to be regained but it really depends on each person’s unique hearing loss and lifestyle hearing needs.

      Can you please let us know your city and state and we can reach out to that local Audibel office to see what more we can help in your case. You can email audibel@audibel.com if you’d rather not share that publicly.

      We hope to help you find a better outcome with your Audibel hearing aids.

      1. Cbis

        I’m in Pensacola FL. I HAVE BEEN TO THE Destin store as well. Both audiologists have tried very hard to help me… And are also exasperated.
        One of them said this to me: “I would have never ‘put you in this model.’ They did send them to factory who sent back an identical (or same) pair, and later offered me a “trade” for a different model but for an additional price of $3200. Seriously???? An absurd insult that prompted my call to
        Craig Zubke and Tom Guillot in their respective offices.
        Why can’t the background notices be suppressed?? My own footsteps drive me crazy… My garge door operating up/down is deafening and paper noises are as well.
        My hearing loss is NOT SEVERE, which must be a part of my problem.
        I just want th hear my children’s VOICES clearly and my Resound pair does that better… But I fell for the sales pitch of a former audiologist who convinced I needed the pair he sold me which have never been satisfactory. He no longer works for the company so a refund was out of the question. If the top officials have been unwilling to put the correct model in my ears , what are my options?
        It’s has now been over 2 years and no satisfaction has been forthcoming.
        What do you suggest?
        Thank you for at least responding!
        Camille Barr, Pensacola
        850-791-6050—at either of these:

      2. Thank for the additional information Camille. Craig is in our sales department here and he, along with customer service, are reaching out to the specialists at that location to find a better resolution for you. We will be in touch once we have more information. Thank you!

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